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Attitude status english boy

1 - Kill your Enemies With Your Deadly_Smile.#AttitudeStatusEnglish  

2 - Hustle Hard and make your Own World and Let the World only to See  #AttitudeStatusEnglish

3 - Do not talk about Attitude… Since my Birth... Still 2 years I didn't talk Anyone.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

4 - Think Like A Boss, Whether You are a Worker, Bcz all Boss Starts Career as a Worker.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

5 - Girls are Also Looking Beautiful,But Men will be Look Like #Dangerous_Beast #AttitudeStatusEnglish 

6 - When Everyone Left you There is Someone With U, That's You, Yourself.#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

7 - Hey Bro Congratulations, Middle Finger of my hand Salutes Your Bad Attitude....!#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

8 - Coolness Ends With Me And Irritating Starts With You...#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

9 - When life Throw you #STONE, make #STATUE and let them wonder how you Made it.#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

Attitude boy status

10 - Cuteness In The Skin And #Attitude In The Bone and SouL...#AttitudeStatusEnglish

11 - Go For Idea, not For Money,
If you Go For Idea money will Automatically Come to U.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

12 - I Am Multi-talented Guy,I will speak And Piss You Off
At constant Time...Understand !!!!#AttitudeStatusEnglish

13 - some people say my time will also come,,,I think I will bring It for Myself...#AttitudeStatusEnglish

14 - Always Respect For Those People Who Deserve It, Not For Those Who Demand It...#AttitudeStatusEnglish

15 - Hey Baby, I am not 500 or 1000 rupees Note……I M a Legend Who will be with u forever…#AttitudeStatusEnglish

 16 - Some People throw Stones to Me and I Collect them to Build My Empire....#AttitudeStatusEnglish

 17 - Yes, I M Not so #Rich to buy Everything…But not even that Poor got sold Me.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

18 - People will keep on Burning like Fire,And I Will Keep Shining like a DIAMOND #AttitudeStatusEnglish


20 - Never Try to Show me Your Attitude If I Started You Can't Handle...#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

Boy attitude status

21 -  Before judging My Past, Just think I M Not there Bro, It's In front of U.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

 22I don’t have any Attitude !! I have Just a Beast Mode U can’t Handle!!!#AttitudeStatusEnglish

23 - The Whole World is FAKE, So Never Try to Prove Yourself Right Bcz You only Know What You are...#AttitudeStatusEnglish  

24 - All the Game is Over Because Your father is Here #AttitudeStatusEnglish

25 - Have you ever Assume i'm Ignoring you, I swear I am. Always My #Mobile📱 is in my Hand😎#AttitudeStatusEnglish  

26 - I Never Believe on #Guns🔫Because I Thought Myself a #Missile✒✒#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

27 - Always Believe in the Action Bcz Words are Worthless.#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

28Some People say I have an Attitude Problem, I say it is My Character!#AttitudeStatusEnglish

29May The People Hear Your Words,But They Only Feel Your Attitude...#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

30 - Your👉 # Aττιτυδε in front of me is #Chiller, Because my # Sτγιε😎 is the same #_Kιller😈 ..#AttitudeStatusEnglish  

31 - I Always SMILE.... because I don't know or care WHAT THE HELL is going on.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

Attitude status english
2 Never try to Show Me any Attitude, Bcz I also run Internet on the Main Balance...#AttitudeStatusEnglish

33 - I Never Try To Explain Myself Because I Know What am I.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

34 - When Someone Asked me what's Ur #Attitude then I simply replied "BEING A KING IS MY ATTITUDE..."#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

35 - #_Friendship and Hostility 👿 both are # funny_,___Just need the Power to #Deal With💪.#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

36 - Never trust Girl's Smiles and a dog's Bark... All are FAKE!!#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

37 - Never Change yourself For the World, Change The World for yourself...#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

38 - I Punish enemies very Softly Hands off Them by just drop them out of my Eyesight#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

39 - Always Live your life like A King, Not to Impress Others.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

40 - Before Judging Me...Take a look at yourself...Then Try Again#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

41 - Think YourSelf as a King, Bcz Most of the People Have the Mind of a Labor. #AttitudeStatusEnglish 

42 - Never Think That My Kindness is Sign Of my Weakness...#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

Boy status

43If you think It's My Attitude, Wrong!!!It is the Mirror Of your Character.#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

44 -  Yes, You’re right. I’m NOT perfect.But I’m Deadly!#AttitudeStatusEnglish

45 - My Attitude is My Sword and I Myself a #Legend😎#AttitudeStatusEnglish

46 - Don't Judge People By their Dress,Those Dress People Can Change Your Body Parts.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

47 - Never try to Understand Me,I have already Burn out Thousand of People Like U.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

48 - That Time When I Was Born...The Devil said...."Oh No...Competitor.#AttitudeStatusEnglish


50 - I Quiet for a little, See what Happened...Children 👥 started making noise 👥#AttitudeStatusEnglish 

51 - Living in the market of # Attitude😎 is very Different, People Never Stop the burning and I Keep Smiling.#AttitudeStatusEnglish

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